Hints and Tips



We can warm up last night’s dinner for today’s lunch.

If your child loves last night’s spag bolg, then send it in for lunch and we can heat it up for them. Great alternative to making sandwiches every day.




Please provide your child with a hat during their outside play.

It may not be sunny or hot but we need to have hats on outside all year round.

If we encourage children to wear hats at all times it becomes less of a struggle during the warmer months.

Here at Busy Kids Child Care we have a NO HAT NO PLAY Policy, this ensures that all children are protected all year round.

Bucket hats can be purchased at the office for $20.00 each



When the weather is colder, runny noses are everywhere.

Busy Kids educators teach our children to ‘catch it, bin it, and kill it’

Just like the advertisement on television.

We use hand sanitizer at the centre, but washing our hands works just as well.

Its a good hygiene practice, and it encourages the children not to use their sleeve!



The habit formed in children’s hygiene routines early in life will help them to stay healthy in the future.

  1. Modelling healthy hygiene practices is the best way to teach children what they need to do to keep themselves healthy.

  2. Encourage children to wash their hands after playing outside, coughing or sneezing, going to the toilet, playing with animals and before and after meals.

  3. Encourage children to turn away from other people when coughing or sneezing. Teach them how to cover their mouth when coughing and sneezing or to cough and sneeze into their arm. (and remember they need to wash their hands)

  4. Teach children about germs and how they can make us sick.


At Busy Kids we teach the children about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

We have 3 different bins in our rooms to split our rubbish into, food, paper and waste bins.

The food scraps are given to local chickens and some of our recycled paper is reused for

craft or office notes.

We have reused recycled goods in our playground, and we water our plants with reused plastic bottles.

garden hands.JPG

The children plant gardens throughout the year and learn about growing their own vegetables and flowers.

They empty their water bottles at the end of the day on the plants, instead of tipping the water down the drain.

can bin.JPG

The centre also has a plastic bottle and can recycling bin which is taken to the local recycling centre